Messages from our beneficiaries:

Florida Lions Eye Clinic

The SWP grant was utilized to support “The Gift of Sight” Program which includes staffing a part-time Optometrist to help in the off-season as our volunteer  Ophthalmologists go north for the summer, to purchase medical supplies and equipment for the Clinic and to provide transportation to help clients travel to and from appointments.

The Clinic changes the lives of those we serve though the following:

  • We Restore Vision - By providing glasses, prescriptions and comprehensive eye care, we restore the best possible vision for our patients.

  • We Preserve Vision - We treat eye diseases like Cataracts, Glaucoma and Retinal problems with surgery, injections and laser therapy.

  • We Give the Gift of Sight - We enable people to see well to do their work and live life to the fullest.


Valerie Bostic and Char Lupke



Commonly in rural and disadvantaged communities, transportation is a primary barrier to providing needed services and opportunities. Dreamcatchers identified transportation early on as a priority to ensure that participating students can reach all essential program activities, both in and outside the local community.  Adequate transportation is essential so that students can be exposed to all relevant events and opportunities, as well as broadening their horizons and raising their aspirations.

For the expeditions, camping and field trips, and any other group activities taking place outside Immokalee, Dreamcatchers secured two 15-passenger vans and a high-ceiling cargo van that acts as our mobile classroom.  We've retrofitted the back of the cargo van for educational expeditions with specialized gear, including kitchen goods, camping gear, recreational supplies, games, and more.  

Big thanks to Swinging With Purpose for supporting our transportation needs and for making the specialized outfitting of the van possible! 


Don Carpenter, Dreamcatchers

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Valerie’s House is thankful to be a beneficiary again in 2019 and appreciate Diana Riley and her team for all the hard work that went into raising so much money for local charities like ours. The money raised will help Valerie’s House expand its grief support program, including music and pet therapy. We had a great time at Quail West helping with the tournament and meeting all the golfers, including LPGA professional Michelle McGann. Thank you Swinging with Purpose for supporting our mission and sharing our vision that no child will grieve alone.

Valeries House.jpg



“We are so grateful to Swinging with Purpose for believing in our mission to inspire, challenge and empower teen girls to climb high in all areas of life through transformational leadership programs. Thanks to this $10,000 grant we are launching able to expand our programming to serve more girls in Southwest Florida. In July we will pilot an adventure camp and in September we will pilot a new fitness program for freshman girls at Palmetto Ridge High School. Thank you for welcoming us into the SWP family! We are also looking forward to collaborating with the other beneficiaries.”


As a brand new start up organization located in Immokalee, we couldn’t be more grateful for your decision to invest in our work with young people.  The foundation of our youth development model is centered upon building positive relationships with students over a 9-year time frame and your gift has given us the confidence to start this process with our first cohort of students and begin raising aspirations by introducing them to the diversity of life outside the focus of their everyday lives.   The multi-passenger van(s) will allow us to move our kids outside the town of Immokalee and will be paramount in helping us meet our goal of exposure and broadening of experiences and perspectives.

Thank you so much for all you’re doing for the entire Southwest Florida region and for including us in your generous giving!

The Dreamcatchers Board of Directors

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New Horizons.jpg

We are so appreciative of the entire Swinging with Purpose team. Your grant helps us to provide 600+ at-risk students with life-changing after school and summer tutoring and mentoring while exposing them to community-wide opportunities they so desperately need to break the cycle of poverty and hopelessness.  Our students are growing in academic excellence, social skills and character development and along with that comes hope and opportunity.  For the last three years, our teens have a 100% graduation rate from high school while the overall FL graduation last year was 86.1%.

With over 50,000 at-risk students in our community, our programs are desperately needed and we will grow next year to increase enrollment to 720.  Only with support from generous groups like Swinging with Purpose is this growth possible! 

What a difference we are making together. Thank you for helping us to empower tomorrow's generation today!

Debra Haley | Executive Director


We want to thank Swinging With Purpose and their team for the donation of $25,000 to assist with our mission of rescue, rehabilitation and Safe Harbor Housing for minor, female trafficking victims. These young girls come with to us with complex trauma and overwhelming anxiety/fears. During the course of the program, they have "life-changing" experiences in advancing toward their goals in life, such as surviving through trauma, overcoming fear, and becoming leaders for others who are going through similar challenges in their lives.

You and your organization are truly Amazing - reaching out to the organizations in the community to assist them in their touching dozens of other's lives. Because of your donation, we are now able to provide:

Car donated to WINGS by SWP supporters, Steve and Nancy Webber

Car donated to WINGS by SWP supporters, Steve and Nancy Webber

  • Home School program with private Tutoring

  • Medical/Dental Services

  • Clothing

  • Safe Housing

  • Caregivers who are very committed and training for rehabilitation

  • Learning new behaviors and learning that they are "worthwhile" and "deserve to be treated well and loved" and "that they now have hope for the future"

  • Extra Curricular activities - like, music, piano, dance, gymnastics, and many more choices.

    Thank you all so very much for changing the lives of these children. “When you change one life - - you change generations".

Lowell and Sally Senitz



Thank you for all your love and support over the years.  Thank you for supporting our mission.  WE are growing as the need in our community continues to grow as well. 



the shoe lady

Sunlight Home:

SH check photo.jpg

Thank you to all who participated in our Annual Swing Month and this year's Annual Golf Tournament at Kensington. It is because of your support Sunlight Home has a new roof!

Providence House:

Cheryl Ollila (left) and Sandie Fleming (right) board members of Swinging With Purpose presenting executive director, Jean Takacs with their check of support.

Cheryl Ollila (left) and Sandie Fleming (right) board members of Swinging With Purpose presenting executive director, Jean Takacs with their check of support.


New deck and screening for the units in Providence House is on its way due to Swinging With Purpose and an anonymous donor! Thank you!

$55,000 is presented to our beneficiaries from the 2015 golf tournament held at Quail West

SWP Board and Committee Members and Beneficiaries

SWP Board and Committee Members and Beneficiaries

PACE Center for Girls:

PACE Girls w/Nancy Lopez

PACE Girls w/Nancy Lopez


PACE Center for Girls, Collier at Immokalee had a wonderful experience working with Diana Riley, Nancy Lopez and everyone from Swinging With Purpose™!  It was truly an honor to be chosen as one of the charities to benefit from the golf tournament and pre-tournament activities.  With the +$50,000 donation, our center started a health and fitness initiative.  The resources we received funded a PE teacher and gave us the opportunity to offer PE for credit for the first time ever.  It feels great to be part of the Swinging With Purpose™ community! 

Marianne Kearns, M. Ed

Executive Director

PACE Center for Girls, Collier

Dress for Success:


Thanks to Swinging with Purpose, Dress for Success in Naples has been able to purchase racks to hang attire, shoes racks, as well purchasing badly needed large size clothing from sizes 20 – 26 and other clothing that is not available in our boutique. We have been able to network in the community to recruit for volunteer Personal Shoppers and Mentors and again thanks to Swinging with Purpose have had the opportunity to meet other non-profit organizations; such as the Shelter for Abused Women and Children.

From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the Dress for Success SW Florida, we graciously thank you!

Barbara Dell


Dress for Success SW Florida

LACES of Love:

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LACES 3.jpg
LACES 2.jpg

Laces of Love is able to purchase many new sneakers and socks for needy children in Collier county because of the Foundation: Swinging with a Purpose! Over 276 needy children were fitted in new shoes! As I measured tiny little feet and many big middle school children’s feet as well, I saw the look of gratitude and excitement in many faces as they received a new pair of socks and new shoes. Some of these children were wearing shoes two sizes too small for their feet. Many did not have socks on their feet and their shoes were torn and full of holes. Without your help and the support of the Golf tournament, we would not be able to help these kids. We are so grateful for your organization and your concern for the children in our community. Diana, and your wonderful board have embraced our charity and we are so touched by your kindness. We have started our back to school shoe deliveries and we have been able to give more shoes out this year because of your help.

Thank you again for your tremendous support for Laces of Love!

Jeanne Nealon


Our Mother’s Home:

Resident posing with her daughter as they head out in the SUV purchased by SWP 12/2014

Resident posing with her daughter as they head out in the SUV purchased by SWP 12/2014

Karen Watson, Executive Director, Our Mother's Home with multi-passenger van.

Karen Watson, Executive Director, Our Mother's Home with multi-passenger van.

Our Mother’s Home received $25,000.00 from Swinging with Purpose™ to help with the purchase of a 15 passenger van, used for transporting residents and their children.  In December, 2015, SWP purchased a SUV for OMH, providing much needed reliable and spacious transportation. An SUV is the perfect vehicle when transporting a mom with her child for appointments, etc. There is a feeling of normalcy that does not come from being transported in a multi-passenger vehicle. Both purchases have made a big difference for OMH.

We commend Swinging With Purpose™ on your efforts to meet the needs of Our Mother’s Home and the community. Thank you.

Karen Watson, MSW

Executive Director

Providence House:

Providence House is beyond grateful to Swinging With Purpose for their generous donation of $22,000! Providence House, serving homeless women with young children was able to purchase much needed appliances - stoves, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers along with new hot water tanks for each of our apartments. This was a true blessing and a much need donation as some of our appliances were over 35 years old. The mother’s upon hearing the news that they would be receiving these appliances were in awe that an organization would do this for them. Two remarked, “Oh good, because I only have one burner that is working on my stove.” When asked by the Providence House staff why they had not filled out a repair form for their stoves, they replied that they were just so grateful for what they had.”

This donation from Swinging With Purpose gave each women a sense of their dignity, helped them to regain trust in people and definitely gave them hope for a better future along their path to independence. To all the participants in this Swinging With Purpose event, I encourage you to continue to swing with purpose allowing this wonderful organization to keep moving fore-ward in their mission! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Providence House! Thank you for taking the “H” in homeless and turning it into an “H” for “Hope” and “Homeless” no more!

Jean Takacs

Executive Director

Sunlight Home:

Sunlight Home received $23,000 from Swinging With Purpose to purchase a desperately needed 2015 Chevrolet 15-passenger van which we will use to transport all of our maternity and transitional housing residents and their children, in comfort and safety, to school, work and appointments. This beautiful new vehicle replaced our 1997 Chevrolet van that was on "life support" after many years of service. Without this generous donation from Swinging with Purpose, we would not have been able to provide such comfortable, reliable transportation for our mothers and their children.

 We are so grateful to the Swinging with Purpose Family and their support for our programs for homeless, "at risk" pregnant women and teens.  Your compassion and kindness for our organization and others committed to making a difference in the lives of the women and children in our community is unsurpassed. Thank you from our mothers, children, staff and volunteers for choosing Sunlight Home as one of your beneficiaries.